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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Parable of the Lost Sheep

Today was the first Sunday of the new year and I'm excited to continue on with my little Bible Class.  I have some plans in my head to promote and encourage some memory work for these little ones.  Miss P was my only student this morning and she quickly reminded me that I DID NOT send her a card for missing class last week...oopsie! 
Our story today was from Luke 15 about a little lost sheep and the effort made by the shepherd to hunt for it and bring it back safely to the fold.
I first talked about what a shepherd does.  This shepherd in particular had 100 sheep to care for.  I explained that each day he took them out to find green pastures for them to eat from and cool water for them to drink.  I told how the shepherd's duty was to keep the sheep safe from wolves and other animals that might harm them.  Miss P said, "And dinosaurs!  Dinosaurs will grab them and kill them." Well, alrighty then!
I said that the shepherd counted his sheep and only had 99.  He was worried  about the one that was missing so he went looking for it.  Again, Miss P said, "The dinosaurs will get it and eat it!" 
So, anyway, the shepherd did indeed find the lost sheep and was so happy that it was safe...from the wolves AND the dinosaurs, I guess. 
After the story, we made the cutest little sheep craft!  On the back, I had written the memory verse and we went over it many times until she got it!
  Next, we acted out the story with our sheep, taking turns to be the lost one but always being found.  She really had a good time doing it and I think learned the lesson intended. 
 We  did a couple of other take-home papers, sang several songs and then ended with a prayer. 
"...I have found my sheep which was lost."  Luke 15:6

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