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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Papa Don't Lie!

Sunday was a beautiful day here in SE Oklahoma!  I had a great day with my Bible Class.  I began by reviewing the story from last week about Paul's nephew giving a warning about a group of men plotting to kill him.  "L" said, "I remember that story.  And that was the day my momma got baptized."  I said, "Yes, it was!"  She said, "She got baptized to wash away her sins."  I answered, "That's right!  Did she explain that to you after you got home?"  "L" said, "No, my papa did and HE DON'T LIE!"  So funny!  I'm glad that she believes and trusts that what papa says is true!  She also added, "He always keeps his promises too!"
I went on with the story to remind them about the soldiers being there to guard and protect Paul from the enemies that were trying to kill him.  The Bible says that they boarded a ship to take him to a new town and to protect him.  While they were out at sea, a storm came up and the men were scared they were going to drown.  They began to throw things overboard to help the boat stay afloat.  Paul kept telling the men to take courage and have faith.  God would take care of them.
The storm got really bad and finally it crashed into some rocks.  The ship fell apart and began to sink.  The men were very afraid.  As I was telling this, "P" said, "I almost drowned one time."  I said, "How did that happen?"  He answered, "Well, we were at that swimming pool and I was in the kiddie pool and a kid PUKED and we had to get out to go to the big pool.  The water came all the way up to my chin and I almost drowned!"  I said that I was glad that he didn't drown and that we always have to be careful around the water.  "L" said she almost drowned one time too but her momma grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out.  I told her I was glad that she didn't drown either!
The story continued on with Paul and everyone on the boat making it safely to land.  The people that lived on the island made a fire to warm up Paul and the men and to dry their wet clothes.  They fed them and took care of them while they waited for another ship to come to get them.

"Therefore, keep up your courage men, for I believe God that it will turn out exactly as I have been told."-Acts 27:25

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